Leader's speech

The Yangtze River Delta Smart Water Research Institute (DWI) is a new research and development institution in the water sector jointly established by the Nanjing Municipal Government and Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology. It is based on the advantages of Nanjing University of Information Technology’s multi-disciplinary basic research, systematically and integratedly Field cooperation, aiming at the research and development of forward-looking, critical, creative engineering and applied technology for major needs, and building an innovative engineering and applied technology research institute with institutional advantages. The Institute is committed to solving urban water issues through the cross integration of urban water affairs and meteorology, hydrology, IT, automation and other disciplines, and introducing high-tech developments such as the Internet of Things and big data. Sitting on the university's strong research force and rich scientific research results, the research institute focuses on applied subject research and actual product development, and is responsible for the mission of transforming scientific research results into applications. "From the university, facing the market, writing papers on the motherland" is the biggest feature of the institute. Focusing on breakthroughs in strategic, applicable, and cutting-edge major engineering issues of high-end pipe network equipment and water treatment process equipment, the Institute integrates domestic and foreign resources and internal and external resources, gathers a group of top domestic and foreign scientific research teams, and promotes international exchanges and cooperation and technology transfer , To promote the technological transformation and upgrading of the domestic water industry and enhance the capacity building of the industry. The research institute benchmarks Germany's IKT and CUTEC research institutes, and through the research institute, "driving enterprises, upgrading industries, and serving industries"!

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