Laboratory Overview
Indoor Hydraulic Laboratory
Digital laboratory
Outdoor Monitoring Platform
Treatment Process
Indoor Hydraulic Laboratory
The Sino-German Urban Water 4.0 Joint Laboratory will build an advanced laboratory, referring to the German IKT Research Institute. The laboratory includes indoor and outdoor parts.

Indoor Sewage Pipeline Network and Storage Testing System is equipped with an indoor experimental flume, water pumps, tanks, and water supply and drainage pipelines. It enables complete flowmeter precision calibration in laboratory, verification of indoor storage tank process simulation, and pipe flushing test experiments.

Flume Simulation

It showcases the efficacy of various types of sluice gates in regulating water flow and preventing backflow across diverse operational conditions, while optimizing the control logic of different equipment under varying operating scenarios.

Mobile Flow Calibration Testing Platform

It is equipped with a remote monitoring system, pressure and liquid level meters, non-contact ultrasonic liquid level meters, Doppler flowmeters, laminar flowmeters (for calibration), and Venturi tubes. It has the capability to simulate the impact of sedimentation, turbulence, and non-full pipe flow on measurement accuracy in research studies. Additionally, it can be utilized for outdoor flow monitoring calibration.

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