Laboratory Overview
Indoor Hydraulic Laboratory
Digital laboratory
Outdoor Monitoring Platform
Treatment Process
Treatment Process
The Sino-German Urban Water 4.0 Joint Laboratory will build an advanced laboratory, referring to the German IKT Research Institute. The laboratory includes indoor and outdoor parts.

Testing and Treatment Technology

The laboratory conducts testing the sealing of manhole covers, testing the sealing of pipes, testing the restoration of manholes, testing the performance of robots, testing the technology and equipment for the sub-pipe detection system, and providing technical services for sewer network testing to the public.

Water Supply Pipeline Network Leakage Detection Technology

The water supply network leak detection technology system uses pressure, flow, leak sound wave monitoring, and handheld detection, and analyzes the data based on cloud-based analysis software to detect leaks and burst pipes in a timely manner, clarify the scope, and accurately locate the leaks. The institute provides leak management solutions and related equipment integration services.

Inspection Well Detection and Non-destructive Repair Technology

Introduced the German CleverScan inspection well 3D scanning analysis system;

Introduced the German jet grouting flushing coating technology, developed the non-destructive jet grouting flushing coating repair vehicle for inspection wells, and it has been officially launched into the market.

Smart Storage Tank Process

In cooperation with the IKT Institute in Germany, we introduce German experience in water environment management to study the intake diversion and detention process, aiming to promote low-maintenance, low-power, sustainable intake diversion and detention process technology and provide solutions and integrated services for detention basin equipment.

Emergency Treatment Process Technology for Municipal Wastewater

It is based on optimized loading sedimentation separation technology, integrating enhanced flocculation and secondary carrier recovery technology with loading sedimentation technology to form a multi-effect clarification separation process technology with loading flocculation. It can achieve efficient removal of pollutants and is suitable for upgrading effluent standards and emergency treatment of municipal wastewater (primary strengthened treatment).

Rural Domestic Sewage Treatment Technology

According to the characteristics of rural wastewater. We dedicate to the r&d of small-scale integrated SBR processes and equipment for rural wastewater treatment, as well as the r&d of purification tank processes and equipment. 

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